Institute of Applied Linguistics

Academic research

The Institute of Applied Linguistics conducts intensive research in the fields of language communication, glottodidactics, translatorics, as well as cultural and literary studies (history of literature, literary translation, and literary criticism). The following subdivisions of linguistic knowledge can be considered to be of interest to the Institute’s employees: discourse analysis, analysis of types of speech, detailed glottodidactics, grammar, contrastive grammar, cognitive linguistics, text linguistics, lexicology and lexicography, neurolinguistics, psycholinguistics, semantics, semiotics, sociolinguistics, and the theory of intercultural communication. In recent years some of the employees undertook research in such areas as: language quantification, language (discourse) vs. social and cultural identity, texts of global culture, multimedia texts, corpus texts, environmental translation, and audiovisual translation. Other projects currently being implemented deal with the role of new media in communication, multimedia discourse analysis, social semiotics, critical linguistics etc.