Department of Belarusian Studies

Academic research

In the department of Belarusian Studies research tasks involve subject matter from the area of linguistics (lexicography, lexicology, dialectology, onomastics, the history of the Belarusian language , the contemporary condition of the Belarusian language and the influence of extra-linguistic factors on its development), literary studies (Polish-Belarusian literary, contemporary Belarusian literature, emigration literature, history of Belarusian literature), folklore, history and cultural studies (the newest Belarusian history, traditions and new areas in the development of Belarusian culture, the formation of national identity). Works from the area of lexicography and the history of Belarusian literature are of key importance for educational purposes. They form the basis for drawing up course books and dictionaries for learning the Belarusian language as well as course books and chrestomathies for studying the history of Belarusian literature.